Online business: selling your own products or become an affiliate

Minggu, 30 September 2012

I want to review a little, the two choices of online business, so affiliate or selling your own products?
the answer is yes depends, if the online business we can create their own to create a product which is roughly marketable. selling the product itself will be much more beneficial compared to affiliates .. why? due to our own 100% gain that set, we also know the ins and outs of the product we will sell it. yah .. that's an option for those who can be creative to make your own products.
So what about those who do not have their own product to earn from online?

Online business is very broad, one of them if we do not have their own product a smart choice of business online ya .. jualkan products of others. it's called affiliate, affiliate program about benefit dependency that we follow the system of revenue sharing, no one dared to give a tip for the results to publishers (affiliates) to 80%, 50%, but there is also a 4% like amazon affiliate only.

Many options to start an online business, kl my own in order to choose which one is best, so good is the product for themselves, but if there is clear ngak jualkan other people's products dong .. heheh.

But so many of the masters online, in addition to selling their own products to stay on as affiliates or sell other people's products. a mainstay today are amazon affiliates. although the results are at least 4% but much cuman kelebihan2 amazon products, because there cokis system for 24 hours on the computer attached to prospective customers who have entered in our amazon affiliate link, in addition to excess amazon is the European or U.S. very fond purchase products via the Amazon , the conversion of sales is much greater.

Do not be surprised when many masters amazon trying to create a marketing tool, which is on sale with prices soar. heheh

For those of you who choose online hobby which one?

Ah .. wanna be affiliate or selling your own product .. important to be earnings Dech, so definitely try to find a halal income online. not least because online business is also haram, such as online gambling, tiles etc..

Want to succeed in the online world? yes Action .. :)
Hopefully Helpful .. Thanks
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Tips to Market Products Online

This time I want to review or give tips to market your products online, in hopes of selling the product that we can sell, because many budding online businesses, not paying attention to simple but very crucial in online business.

  In principle marketing products wherever onliene to note are the following:
- A clear description of the product, not bias
- Follow the trend for the category of products sold, not to be behind the times
- View photos of some of the original product, is to facilitate prospective customers see / menfisualisasikan your product
- Make it easier for customers to reach us, especially no HP, email, ym, FB is to convince consumers will kridebilitas us, so they did not hesitate when dealing
- Provide detailed shipping information: COD, courier is used, the price per area, and delivery time, to clarify the information the consumer will be able to figure out when the package arrived.
- Inform the payment mechanism and payment instruments are used, the most important point, if no tool can gmana trade transactions.
- Provide a mechanism guarantee if it does not match the product ordered or not timely in delivery.
- Jaka consumer confidence, because in online business is also almost the same as bisni ofline, so we are not in sales, then it will have less impact on the long-term good.

It may be a few tips to market their products online, which I collected from various sources, may be useful. Salam success.
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Creating a Business Proposal Guide

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

 If we intend to borrow to the bank or the lender, you would have to make a business proposal. This proposal will be used to provide comprehensive information about the business you want to run.
People usually think, a proposal must be difficult. Apparently not. "A good proposal is a proposal that can explain the details of a business. There must ribet. It could be a proposal consisting of a single sheet of paper," said Godo Tjahjono, SE, MSi, entrepreneurial business practitioners.
Not everyone knows or knows of a business interest. So make the explanations simple and easy to understand. Business proposal should contain the following seven things:
1. Preview effort These points include a brief description of the business you want to run.
2. Business actors Give an explanation about yourself. Enter the educational background or experience that could support the implementation effort. Lender will assume you are the right person.
3. What worked This points to explain what the focus of your business, whether the shape of goods or services. Let me know the reason the business vote. It would be better if the type of business are rising or are eaten timeless time.
4. Target customers These points describe who your potential customers, whether they are office workers, housewives, or others. Explain why you chose them.
You should have a deep understanding of this problem because it would be very helpful aspects of the other businesses. You so know how to marketing and promotion are most appropriate for them. There will be no time, money, and energy wasted. Party lender will see your seriousness, and consider it an advantage.
5. Location This is one of the important points in the proposal. Explain why you chose a location as a place of doing business. You should adjust this location with the goods or services offered as well as prospective customers.
If it moves in the field of food, it is not appropriate if the location chosen is close to a landfill. If the target customers of the upper middle class, do not choose a location near the factory. Should be a more comfortable and classy.
Lenders will come to see first hand that location, and making judgments. If the business is located in a less strategic, but still within reasonable limits, make sure the giver of business that you can compensate for this deficiency in other ways. Satisfactory service can, or quality of goods or services above average.
Marketing aspect can also be optimized by creating an attractive slogans and easy to remember.
6. Number of loans Previously you had to have counted all the points expenditure. In the proposal, include the number of loans in accordance with the calculation you make. The bank will ask you the ability to return the loan amount. Give a reasonable explanation.
7. Cash flows Cash flow (cash flow) is the explanation of income and expenditure plan business. Make calculations in detail and realistic. Do not set targets too high in the early months because the business was just beginning. After some time, you can target new numbering stable income.
The length of cash flow should be made in accordance with the length of time the loan is agreed. If the loan will last for two years, arrange for the cash flow for two years, too. The details are divided into 24 months.
One principle to keep in mind the prospective businessmen, lenders usually do not want to bear all costs that we need. "They only want to lend a percentage of the total. They want us to also contribute," said Godo.
So, show that you also have responsibility for your own business. No matter if the funds you have little. The important thing is they see your good intentions to try.
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Sample New Business Proposal

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Examples of important business proposal when you start a new business. When you find a business idea you should put into a business proposal format. You can try to see examples of business proposal feasibility study or business proposal examples from your business idea. some examples of proposals that emerged from the business idea as an example of business proposal internet cafe or catering business proposal examples. Through this post we will give an example to make a proposal. I myself call it as an example of small business proposal because all we will start with small businesses. Business proposal a vital role in starting a business, some people call it a business feasibility study, but more likely a business proposal to a third party.
How to create a business proposal is not so complicated that the most important thing is to consider several important factors that must exist within a business proposal. The contents of a business proposal at least contain the following points.

. Results of the Business Feasibility Study on the potential of targeting and segmenting markets• Business Capital• Operating costs• Balance the beginning of the business• Business Strategy Plan
In visual terms the proposal are as follows

(Cover / Title Proposal)
A. INTRODUCTION1. Background2. Vision3. Mission
B. PURPOSE(business objectives)
C. MANAGEMENT(organizational management structure)
D. CORPORATE IDENTITY1. Company name2. Company address3. No tel4. etc.
E. LABOR DATA(name, number, time of work, & job description)
F. INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES COMPANY(buildings, office equipment, production equipment, raw materials andpackaging, and transportation)
G. MARKETING STRATEGY(marketing strategy, market description, distribution plan)
Each proposal will attempt got a different format but there is minimal data data2 above
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A. Background
Each person would want to be boss in the business or his own business. Only the narrow minded people who want to be a lifetime salaried people.

Lots of road to success, one of them by creating an embryo-expected business would be able to develop the power of creativity and innovation. This is needed exceptional courage. Only one big guts who are able to fund gelontorkan some hope for a still uncertain.
Business is a learning process, which required a deep analysis of the prospects and feasibility of the venture. Therefore, businesses should begin early so that we have plenty of time to think and process the brain to the success of these efforts.
Business opportunities in front of the eyes, it would not hurt if we start now. This is what lay behind the establishment of a food-based one-stop for meatballs.
B. Name of Business Pioneered efforts that will be a place to eat in the main menu Meatballs, and everything that berhubungannya him. Details are still being discussed further. In addition to supporting menus such as juice drinks, snacks, etc.. Innovation will continue in line with the development. And it SURE!!
While the name of his business is still in the search.
C. Place of Business After searching through several stages, allowing the start of the business is Ru-Ko in the region Standby Kingdom - Pejaten, South Jakarta.
This area is considered strategic because face to face with the elite school of Al-Azhar 2. Not far from where it was RS standby Kingdom and some housing-housing residents.
Location was right in front of two-lane highway that bypassed some transportation and some strategic business point of no similar way; Alfamart, Pharmacies, Game Online, Salon, Workshops, etc.
D. Time Operations When operating the feed is planned to start at 9:00 until 21:00 o'clock. Time can vary with conditions and customized environment.

Given the market potential offered in this proposal quite attractive, we want to offer some joint bid for the investors. As for his form of cooperation include:
1. Sole à investor wants to invest some funds in accordance with the requirements of this business. And will the results of 100% of earnings per month after deducting operational expenses including the implementation of this business. Conditions may change at any time and discussed with familial way.
2. Share Investor à want to invest some funds that are part of the funds needed to start this business. For results that will be accepted with dipersentase the other investors after deducting operational expenses, including implementing these efforts. Conditions may change at any time and by the way dibicarkan family.
3. Donors à social investment without expecting a profit-sharing The principle used in this effort is proportional to the percentage of funds invested for the sustainability of this effort. Implementing operational percentage of xx% of monthly earnings (to be discussed between ourselves). And will change over time and conditions of development, such as occurs loss / loss in the early months, there BEP, additional operational costs, and so forth.
This agreement is binding and can be changed after a conversation between ourselves.

Opening Business Tips

New Business
When you open a business or a business. You should start with what you like about yourself that you truly represent. Here we give tips to open businesses or businesses that will be your true self-realization:
1. Business ideas must come from yourself.
-Consider talents, talents, hobbies and interests you: nothing is more fun than doing something that became a favorite. -Work experience: the expertise and knowledge we gained in the past will help us start a similar business in the future.
2. Have a clear business idea. Business ideas (eg pH Production House business) you must have a focused, concrete, easily worked, has known its market needs, funding is not too big that you wrapped the last debts and every step should be simple to be done.
3. Entered the market with a difference. You can enter an existing market by offering something more high-quality, unique and have added value. A little added value and uniqueness of the business can actually be a big difference to your business.
4. Seek mentors, business partners and communities. The best lesson you Production PH business acquired through experience, advice and the failure of other parties. Knowledge Production PH management, finance, marketing and technical issues will be better if obtained from those who have had experience of flying. Mentor, partnership, or association business community makes you stronger to face the challenges and problems when starting a new business.
5. Start with small-scale operations. Do not believe something big is always better. Healthy business it is small-scale business expands, rather than directly run business with a large scale. Business PH small-scale Production also became the best teacher for being a place to learn to handle problems from the most simple.
6. Do not hastily believe the offer franchises or franchise and dealership agreements. Franchise or agency usually means a step that proved to be launched, the marketing support and in terms of name recognition. However, as the buyer's name need to be alert. Make sure you have thoroughly researched so you do not have to pay for something you can do by myself. immediately began to open businesses ..
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Sample Business Proposals

Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Before you start a business or a business proposal or business proposal you need to know that there are business opportunities around you, while efforts should boost efforts to find roughly according to the wishes, interests, or even a hobby, so when business is not easy to get bored even can be done with pleasure. after the initial stage is fulfilled the next step is to create a business proposal or business proposal in any way you want.
The function of business proposal or business proposal is very important position, business strategy related to the capital in search of a third party, or business proposals aimed at analyzing the profit and loss calculation on the business will run, so the position of the business proposal is a strategic step for prospective entrepreneurs.

below is an example of - kind of proposal that can search the blog - another blog earlier .. I apologize for not providing direct here.

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Meanwhile, business proposal examples berbagaimacam below teraploud still include: book of business proposal business proposal sample perfume Examples Muslim fashion business proposal furniture business proposal sample Sample Proposal salted egg business Sample Proposal trading business Examples of business proposals for prifat Examples of business planning proposals Examples of business proposal service business proposal sample adventure Examples of electronic business proposal Examples of cooperative business proposal Sample Proposal duck egg business Examples of business proposal workshop Sample Proposal salon business Sample Proposal small-scale business Examples of business proposal Medium business proposal example Examples of business proposal Example of business proposals Metadata business proposal Sample Proposal of new business Sample Proposal micro Sample restaurant business proposal Contoh making business proposals business proposal Sample Proposal small and medium 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Refrensi: from various sources
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